One of the challenges when homeschooling is finding the right teaching and learning resources. With Languagenut, you can be confident that your children and their tutors will have all they need at their fingertips to learn and teach languages effectively.

At Languagenut we think that language learning should be enjoyable and that you should always be aware of your progress and feel rewarded.

Languagenut Homeschool

1 Year Subscription
  • Learn 21 world languages, including French, Latin American Spanish and more
  • Learn how to form full sentences
  • Practice writing, reading, listening and speaking
  • Rewarding games and activities to motivate
  • 2 user licences
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Choose from 10 World Languages including French, Spanish, Italian & Arabic

Encourage students with our range of language games and activities

Reinforce key K-12 vocabulary and grammar knowledge

Improve speaking, reading, listening and writing skills

Improve your students’ ability to form full sentences

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