• Elementary level digital language learning resources for World Languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, ESOL and more
  • Thorough and approved by education experts with sentence building and listening, reading, speaking and writing tasks
  • Fun games and exiting activities, rewarded with points and medals
  • Language printables and lesson plans
  • Quickly find what you need and have your students’ work automatically corrected
  • Detailed reporting to keep you informed and help you give your students what they need
  • Use our teacher-approved content or adapt it with your own language items
  • Access via browser or tablet app with offline functionality
  • Digital language learning resources for middle/high schools
  • Thorough grammar drills
  • Listening, reading, speaking and writing practice
  • Aligned with standardized tests
  • Digital Language Resources for ELL
  • Not only text, but also audio language support for low-literacy learners
  • Find the resources you need with our advanced search feature
  • 34 support languages, including Arabic, Spanish, Korean and Somali
  • Vocabulary to reference local culture
  • Reports to see progress and points and medals to reward it
  • Customize content, assign tasks and encourage students to study independently

Languagenut, a Wonderful Resource for Language Learners…

‘Languagenut is such a wonderful resource for language learners. My students enjoy listening to the stories and songs and also playing the games. Another great incentive is that they are able to access the website from home. I highly recommend this website!’

Marilyn Maldonado

Teacher, Hunter’s Creek Elementary