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How Languagenut aligns to ACTFL’s World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages

The five “C” goal areas (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities) stress the application of learning a language beyond the instructional setting. The goal is to prepare learners to apply the skills and understandings measured by the Standards to bring a global competence to their future careers and experiences.

These standards include language to reflect the current educational landscape, including Common Core State Standards, College and Career Readiness, and 21st century skills. The standards are applicable to learners at all levels, as well as native speakers and heritage speakers, including ESL students.

Languagenut’s extensive digital resources are available for elementary, middle, and high schools, with extensive vocabulary, grammar, phonics, sentence building, and comprehension exercises across the four key skills.

Here’s an overview of how we align with the American Council of Teaching Foreign Language’s World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages.

ACTFL Goal Areas

ACTFL Standards


Communication: Communicate effectively in more than one language in order to function in a variety of situations and for multiple purposes.

1. Interpersonal Communication:

Learners interact and negotiate meaning in spoken, signed, or written conversations to share information, reactions, feelings, and opinions.

2. Interpretive Communication:

Learners understand, interpret, and analyze what is heard, read, or viewed on a variety of topics.

3. Presentational Communication:

Learners present information, concepts, and ideas to inform, explain, persuade, and narrate on a variety of topics using appropriate media and adapting to various audiences of listeners, readers, or viewers.

Over 20 topics support learners with communicating across a variety of situations in listening, reading, writing and speaking activities.

Languagenut provides a range of text types including conversations, interviews, articles, recipes, and reviews.

All our themes and vocabulary are based on the four skills and include facts, feelings and opinions.

Learners can acquire useful key vocabulary and structures related to arrangements and transactions through the dialogues in our listening and reading activities.

Our audios include monologues and conversations and are all supported with a transcript which can be used alongside the audio if required.

Open writing and speaking questions, across 3 different challenge levels, allow learners to practice responses to questions that would typically be asked and to produce extended responses.

Teachers can personalize questions to adapt to the needs of their learners.

Cultures: Interact with cultural competence and understanding.

1. Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives:

Learners use the language to investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationship between the practices and perspectives of the cultures studied.

2. Relating Cultural Products to Perspectives:

Learners use the language to investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationship between the products and perspectives of the cultures studied.

Our content covers a wide range of issues and aspects of culture.

Modern issues and themes, as well as historical world events feature in our texts and audios.

Open speaking and writing questions allow learners to practice spontaneous speech and give their views on a range of topics and cultural issues.

Our speaking photo descriptions provide learners with the opportunity to describe and explain cultural aspects of the language they are studying.

Connections: Connect with other disciplines and acquire information and diverse perspectives in order to use the language to function in academic and career-related situations.

1. Making Connections:

Learners build, reinforce, and expand their knowledge of other disciplines while using the language to develop critical thinking and to solve problems creatively.

2. Acquiring Information and Diverse Perspectives:

Learners access and evaluate information and diverse perspectives that are available through the language and its cultures.

Language content supports practical communication across many themes and topics including academic and career-related situations.

Our teaching with Languagenut document, as well as our lesson plans for elementary level, provide teachers with practical ideas about how to connect with other disciplines to enhance the learning experience for their students.

Language is built up gradually from single word to short phrases to longer sentences to support learners to build, reinforce and expand their knowledge.

Our Grammar and Verbs section supports leaners to solve problems in their language learning journey.

Comparisons: Develop insight into the nature of language and culture in order to interact with cultural competence.

1. Language Comparisons:

Learners use the language to investigate, explain, and reflect on the nature of language through comparisons of the language studied on their own.

2. Cultural Comparisons:

Learners use the language to investigate, explain, and reflect on the concept of culture through comparisons of the cultures studied on their own.

Students can practice independently at their own pace on any device both in the classroom and at home and teachers can create a personal learning plan for individual learners.

Supporting learners to investigate and explain the nature of language is made easy as learners can practice any content as many times as they need to ensure they learn and develop their independence.

English translations support independent study

The platform provides a variety of culturally rich and non-bias activities at all challenge levels.

Racial and cultural diversity are reflected in our resources and scenario-based activities.

Communities: Communicate and interact with cultural competence in order to participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world.

1. School and Global Communities:

Learners use the language both within and beyond the classroom to interact and collaborate in their community and the globalized world.

2. Lifelong Learning:

Learners set goals and reflect on their progress in using languages for enjoyment, enrichment, and advancement.

Our Phonics games allow learners to improve the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation.

Learners can listen to any of the spoken language in any of our games as and when they need to improve their ability to collaborate in their chosen language community.

A variety of high frequency and common grammatical structures both at beginner and advanced level support learners to develop their automaticity.

Teachers can set an assignment test for learners to do at the beginning and end of a set time frame to compare results and progress.

Learners can record themselves and have their pronunciation automatically marked by voice recognition software.

Content that is unique to the individual’s learning journey.

All learner activities are automatically marked.

Learners are awarded points to encourage and motivate, along with ‘badges’ awarded for specific achievements.

Want to find out more about how we can support your school?

See what other teachers think of Languagenut:

“Languagenut has been an invaluable resource for us, which both the staff and students love. We use it primarily for homework and find it so easy to set assignments and track progress.

The self marking tasks are a huge time saving advantage and students enjoy the instant feedback and opportunity to improve their scores.

The online tasks are high quality and well matched to what our students need to know and are a great way at not only reinforcing vocabulary but also giving students that all important exam practice!

The team at Languagenut are always amazing, nothing is too much trouble and I have always had a quick, friendly response to any queries or requests.

Recently the team uploaded a lot of custom content for us, which would have taken me so long to do myself, so I’m really grateful for their support.

I would not hesitate to recommend Languagenut to others, and in fact all academies in our Trust have now taken out subscriptions and are also discovering the benefits of this fantastic resource.”

Melanie Armstrong

MFL Lead, Emmanuel Schools Foundation

Q: Why did you choose Languagenut?

A: “Because it had enormous success with the students, caters for all KSs and motivation has increased so much! Furthermore, it has phonics, it is brilliant and KS4 will be provided with all exam boards exercises. It has NCELP vocabulary, it’s fun, it’s engaging!”

Elisena Lavecchia

Teacher of French & Spanish, King's Langley School

I had half-forgotten that we were still in a trial period, such has been the success of Languagenut to date. It’s a real hit with both students and staff -everyone’s really bought into it, and it has a high profile in the school with weekly prize competitions and league tables in operation for highest performing student in each year group, plus end of half-term prizes for best student and class overall. The support offered by Dan has also been excellent, and is appreciated. It would be difficult to imagine the department without Languagenut now!

Danny Gleisner

Head of MFL, Royds Academy

Q. What was the primary reason for renewing your subscription?

A. It has been hugely beneficial in increasing teacher subject knowledge and confidence. All staff have log ins and use it to help them improve (non-specialists). The children have really enjoyed it. I have just completed my Middle leadership project which explored strategies for increasing teacher confidence in Languages and impacting on outcomes for children and have found the introduction of Languagenut to have been pivotal in the success of this as attainment has increased significantly across the school so thank you.

Q. How has Languagenut added value to your school, classroom, or teaching?

A. It has added interactivity and higher levels of interest and engagement in lessons. We have a whole school weekly competition which I am able to track children on ranking list. Languagenut has been great in lockdowns allowing us to continue providing our curriculum coverage.

Rebecca Burton

Year 5 Teacher, Stalham Academy

I am just SO IMPRESSED with Languagenut. It is IN-CRED-I-BLE. I just simply love it. You have great ideas, whether for reading, speaking, listening or writing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. And, more importantly, so do my students. It is simply — Brillant. Wonderful. Amazing. Incredible. I have been teaching for 42 years, and Languagenut is simply the best resource I have found. I regularly use about 15 different programs to work on skill development, but if I had to keep just one, it would be Languagenut. 

Languagenut fills a huge void in addressing the need for students to practice each of the four skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – and at more than one challenge level. The games are fun – I got caught up testing them and played for four hours.  It allows for students to practice speaking while having fun thanks to games such as Skyrise and Speech Practice.  The listening exercises feature a variety of voices, of different sexes, and the little snail button that allows students to slow the recording down makes them VERY happy. Word Pop and Tic-Tac-Toe are their current favorites.  

My students are still “catching up” from having been online during part of the covid confinement. Languagenut allows me to assign certain exercises or resources to part of the class who need to catch up while at the same time assigning more challenging work to students who excel. For example, yesterday, I assigned Jigsaw and Verb Matcher to student trying to remember what to do with an “er” verb like “jouer” while others went on to practice speaking, writing and reading.   

The site is organized logically and intuitively, with a top tool bar and the buttons Exam Skills, Vocab Trainer, Grammar & Verbs and Sentence Building on the left side of the page. Not only is there a huge amount of readily available content on a wide variety of topics, but teachers can add their own customized content quite easily. I am still exploring, but to-date have found excellent lesson plans (!), story books and songs. The songs are especially cool because you can use them Karaoke-style! 

I am looking forward to seeing how Languagenut continues to evolve. Thank you so much, Languagenut. You make every teacher’s life better

Dr. Nancy Erickson

World Language Team Leader, University School of NSU

Just to say that I am in one of our schools where Arabic is taught by a non specialist and there is nothing but praise about how helpful it is for them to have Arabic content in Languagenut. It is fantastic for the department to be able to set similar tasks for French, Spanish AND Arabic and the support your platform provides for this teacher (and her pupils) is invaluable.

Mariu Hurriaga

MFL Director, United Learning Trust

During French lessons over the past two weeks, pupils in Y4 & Y5 have been working on an online language learning resource called Languagenut. As well as having lots of fun practising their French, there has also been much competition between pupils as they strive to win as many medals as they can. Languagenut is a great resource as it enables pupils to reinforce their vocabulary, whilst simultaneously practising the four keys skills of Modern Foreign Language learning, namely Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. There are also many other languages apart from French which the children can try out.
Zoë Worth

Velmead Junior School, UK

We are using Languagenut for junior class, mainly learning vocabulary. It is great, three teachers of Maori, French and Japanese use it in class.
Sumi Hayakawa-Buist

Darfield High School, New Zealand

Pupils at Aloha have really enjoyed the vocabulary activities in French. Also the certificates that you can print off once they have finished the activities, inspires a competitive spirit among the students!
Donna Wade

Aloha College, Spain

Thank you so much for the great revision tool that Languagenut has provided my students with, prior to their exams.

I should give you some of the credit for the good results we got this year.

Mireille Akiki

Head of MFL, The Brit School

Having had some input over the last year or two whilst the Languagenut team have been busy developing their product beyond recognition, it is great to have so many new features that really bring that added value to GCSE (and IGCSE) teaching. Particularly useful is the time-saving application of setting activities as homework – it’s easy and quick for the teacher to set up, simple to monitor, and crucially it does all the marking for you, allowing you to spend your time as a classroom teacher focusing on where you can make the biggest difference, i.e. marking their speaking and writing. The oral recording function is particularly good for this to help develop spontaneity and fluency. An element of competition is also a great feature with this age group. Paul and his team are great to work with so I recommend getting in touch and taking a look for yourself.
Dominic Mott

Hurstpierpoint College, UK

I introduced Languagenut to our school at the end of Term 1 2018 and asked the students to work on the Weather topics as a means of preparation for the Term 2 topic on Change. All students were instantly engaged as Languagenut allowed them to work with games, repetition and at their own pace. The students who usually found French challenging also enjoyed Languagenut as they were able to use it (so they thought) as just an iPad game. Overall, students have loved getting medals and seeing our school progress in ranking. It has given them another reason for doing well in French. They can’t believe they can work on Languagenut at home and call it homework!

I love being able to see their progress when I go into the Admin/Class management section and this allows me to give individual feedback and direction. I am delighted in how positively engaged the students are in Languagenut and will continue using it for other topics.

Marylou Higgins

Boroondara Park Primary School, Australia

Languagenut has definitely made me a better student in French.
Isaac (Student)

Boroondara Park Primary School, Australia

I like Languagenut because all the practice activities really help me to learn and improve my French. The medals also motivate me to try my best.
Christina (Student)

Boroondara Park Primary School, Australia

I like Languagenut It is fun and great for learning. I Love it!
Zoe (Student)

Boroondara Park Primary School, Australia

We have subscribed to Languagenut after a short trial phase and the whole department absolutely loved it. When we completed the training session with one of the Languagenut team during a curriculum team meeting, we were so impressed how well thought through everything about this website was: the topics, the vocab builder, the games, the tracking of progress and the element of competition make this the perfect tool for classwork and homework. We arranged a computer room lesson with all our classes to introduce them to this new tool and it was wonderful to see how enthusiastic the students were about it. A lot of our students complete extra work at home at the moment and I can track their progress, which is great for me to see. The team at Languagenut are very approachable and extremely helpful, answering any queries within no time. Without a doubt, this is the best purchase we have ever made and if we can afford it, we will continue to sign up.
Denise Micic

Nailsea School, UK

They children love the programme & all of them are engaged in it.

Tuart Hill Primary, Australia

As we know learning a foreign language has become even more important and beneficial for all our students and Languagenut is doing a fantastic job on implementing it. Learning another language can be challenging, however Languagenut is making this process easier and a lot more enjoyable for our EPS students! Merci.
Sylvie Snow

Edithvale Primary School , Australia

We have been using Languagenut Secondary for the past 5 months and both students and staff love it! The staff love the fact that we can set a whole range of different activities for our students and that there are differentiated tasks within the website. This creates engaging lessons/home learnings which can also be tracked as staff can see the progress of the students and how they scored for each task. The students have also really engaged with the website. They find it easy to use, they enjoy the competition with their classmates and they enjoy the variety of tasks available. I would definitely recommend this product to any MFL department out there.
Fleur Baikie

GEMS Wellington International School, Dubai

What can I say about Languagenut other than it is the best Te Reo Maori resource I have come across in years.

• Internet based so can be used anywhere, anytime.
• A range of languages available, we use Maori for our whole school and English for our ESOL students.
• Gives confidence to our English speaking staff who are teaching Te Reo Maori this year.
• A huge range of relevant and engaging contexts
• Plenty of activities for teachers and students
• Able to check whether teachers are using the programme
• Assessments for students to use when they use their own login
• Very low cost

Robert Clarke

Ashburton Borough School, New Zealand

We love Languagenut. I use it for homework for students to reinforce language learned in class and sometimes to introduce vocabulary I am going to use the following lesson. I teach six different classes per semester so Languagenut is a great way to keep track of students engagement and progress. I particularly like the sentence building and verbs addition. It has made a huge difference and now students are becoming more confident with Spanish faster than previous years.
Cristina Flores de Morales

Albany Junior High School, New Zealand

Languagenut is used by some classes at Anderson’s Bay School mainly to support the Mandarin Language programme. We find the interactive learning activities well pitched for our students; they are interesting and fun. They can be used independently by individuals but they also suit team and group situations.
There are a variety of languages available on Languagenut and I believe it would suit the uptake of any and all languages – and could be an excellent support for Te Reo.
Glenda Thomas

Anderson’s Bay School, New Zealand

We decided to purchase Languagenut for our Y5-8 students. We operate BYOD in these year groups and saw Languagenut as a valuable opportunity to introduce and support different languages across these year groups.
Te Reo is used frequently, as is French and Spanish, which we teach in the senior school. Students have enjoyed learning phrases and using a particular language to support their inquiries if researching countries/communities. We have been very happy with all that it offers. The support team are great, responding quickly to any issues and prompting our use if we are not making the most of the programme! Our students enjoy it. So do our Teachers! We have considered it a good investment.
Julie Glasson

Drury School, New Zealand

Languagenut is one of the tools that Ashburton Borough School uses to support its ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) programme. We also have temporary international students making great use of Languagenut when joining ESOL, in the classroom and/or at home.

Languagenut has been a invaluable resource, particularly for students who require general language acquisition. This is because it: utilises the student’s first language for instruction, supports further learning in the student’s first language (proven by research to benefit second language learning), promotes learning in each mode (listening, speaking, reading and writing), guides students with vocabulary and sentence structure, consolidates previous English learning, is accessible in a variety of settings with different teachers/parents, progress can be formatively assessed and further goals set, is suitable for students at any level of English language learning, allows the coordinator to manipulate the learner’s starting point and its rewards are motivating for students.

Our students look forward to their Languagenut learning (either with support or independently) and celebrate their successes with us. The staff at Languagenut have also been incredibly helpful and quick to answer any of my questions. It didn’t take long for me to learn how to use this resource and teach other teachers/parents. I will soon be talking with teachers at our Mid Canterbury ESOL Cluster meeting about the benefits of Languagenut.

Jan Church

Ashburton Borough School, New Zealand

My students really enjoy using Languagenut from Years 3-6 here at Boondall State School, and yes we are currently enjoying being in first position. Actually, even as I write this, I have a Year 4 class showing the Preps some of the features, so they are well prepared for when they have computer and German skills in Year 2.

I have been using this program for at least 8 years and enjoy the updates. It really forms a solid base for basic and then more complicated vocabulary, allowing the students to progress at their own rate.

Kristina Vlaisa

Boondall State School, Australia

My pupils adore Languagenut. I never thought it would be so successful. I joined as I wanted to have a handy resource, especially for my colleague who teaches German. There is very little out there for primary teaching in German. I also wanted an easier way to track their home work as primary children are not very reliable to bring homework in, especially if you are a visiting teacher who is on site only a couple of mornings.

We have a few pupils who are obviously incredibly keen on computer games and the thought of being on the front page of the website has really motivated them to practice. The school improved its world raking quickly and they went crazy when we got in the top 20. There is a real buzz amongst the pupils as they are really keen to stay in the top 20, are currently 13.

I have also created a lunch time club where pupils can come and learn another language. I have three doing Japanese, two doing Italian and a few others doing Spanish.

Ingrid Molinengo-Williams

Truro Prep School, UK

My name is Kristina and I have been teaching French for many years. During the course of these years, I have tried different programs but was never quite satisfied till I got Languagenut. At OLPH school where I work, we have been using it for about 5 years and our students and parents have never been happier about French. It is a program that we could be used both in the classroom and at home. It satisfies every individual learning style in a variety of engaging games & other activities. All four components of the language such as listening, speaking, reading, & writing are harmoniously unfolded and developed. Moreover, the Languagenut team continuously improves and enhances the features and the program keeps getting better and better. They are always there to assist you with any kind of help…I can go on and on about this great program but the school bell just rang and I need to go! Bonne chance!
Kristina Linadi

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Canada

At our school we have been running Languagenut fully from this September, for French in Key Stage 1 and Spanish across Key Stage 2. We love it because it engages the children, improves teacher confidence and tracks the childrens’ progress. We use it for weekly lessons, termly assessment and on ‘Languages Days’ where the pupils can explore other languages and teach their friends any that they may speak at home. We also offer it as a supportive home learning tool for pupils who have English as an additional language.
Heather Zigler

Brunswick House Primary School, UK

I am HOD for ESOL at Northcross Intermediate. Our lower level ESOL students especially Foundation and Stage 1 ELLP students have been given Languagenut to support their grammar studies and to improve vocabulary. They’re able to use Languagenut when they have any time available in the classroom and it is especially useful as students can do this as a homework activity. My students have enjoyed using Languagenut as it’s a fun activity that doesn’t really feel like work to them. It involves reading, listening and writing at the different levels and students are in control of their progress.
Fiona Landers

Northcross Intermediate School, New Zealand

We use Languagenut in the classroom and as an extra homework activity. In the classroom it is used by ESOL students whose English is really low and who at certain times in the classroom’s work are unable to participate because their level of English is just too low. At home the students use it to help them to develop English word and conversational knowledge.
Di Bishop

Cobham Intermediate, New Zealand

My students really enjoy using Languagenut to practice their vocabulary and sentence building skills. They love the fun, interactive games and activities and the ability to work at their own pace and level. The opportunity to compete against each other and other schools around the world is also a real drawcard for them too.

Francis Jordan Catholic School, Australia

At this point we are using Languagenut to reinforce our Te Reo Maori learning throughout the school. We have a topic focus for the week and we do this through the Vocabulary section of Languagenut, then assign the same topic for students to practice online. Some teachers use the printable resources as well to help reinforce the learning. We have a small group of students who are extending themselves through learning languages such as French, Spanish and Mandarin. We also use it to help consolidate learning for our EAL learners.
Sarah Tohill

Chelsea Primary School, UK

We have been using Languagenut to reinforce new learning of language. It provides activities for us in both English and Maori. We are a special character school teaching in both languages. It helps to reiterate our program and gives students some mileage for the both languages.

Hāpuku School, New Zealand

I am so happy that my students are diligently working hard for the past couple of month to make great use of Languagenut to improve their language skills. I think as a teacher, we need to give guidance to our students on how to use resources, and also push the limits to help them achieve higher goals. I also make it a big deal when students reach the points of earning 20, 40, 100 etc gold medals, I will print out their certificate along with some small prizes and present them to them in class which makes those students proud and causes other students who are competitive to work harder to surpass their peers. And it works out great. I also offer some extra credits towards their grades by the end of the years, I go to my admin page and evaluate what each student has earned and then granted them the extra credits they deserve. Thank you for your encouragement, I believe is a great learning resource that both me and my students really enjoy.
Adam Li

Renaissance High School, US

Languagenut is one of the tools that I have been using in Year 5 German lessons. Students love all the different options for learning, like listening, speaking and vocabulary tasks and they most enjoy being able to learn German through playing games. As a teacher, I like the fact that I can choose the relevant topics, set classwork and homework and I use Languagenut mainly for practice and revision.
Magdalena Doslov

Hillcrest Christian College, Australia

The kids are loving it, especially seeing the school’s ranking head up. A great program.
Kirsty Roche

McAuley Catholic Central School, Australia

Languagenut is a great way students can go away and learn vocabulary. I like the new feature in Languagenut, where you can set up your own vocabulary.
Patricia Lehmann

Rochedale state High school, Australia

Languagenut is a really engaging tool for students to use both inside and outside the classroom. Our students love the competitive nature of the app, challenging themselves to climb the rankings against each other and other schools! Languagenut will definitely enhance your language learning programme!

Port Melbourne Primary School, Australia

Since joining Solefield School in September, I have been taking my Year 4 and Year 5 boys into our ict room each week. They look forward to these lessons because they are allowed to go on Languagenut. I set them assignments to complete in class and they then finish them for homework. They love the games and the competitive aspect. There was great excitement a few weeks ago when they saw we were 9th on the leaderboard!
Languagenut is a great website which reinforces my teaching and the pupils’ learning, allowing them to practise their French independently. It also allows me the time within the ict lesson to go around the class and spend time with each of my pupils.

A great site and I would recommend to any primary Mfl teacher.

Wendy Alteirac

Solefield School, UK

We are a Kura Kaupapa Māori, full immersion and have been using Language Nut for approximately 4 years. We have an open door policy and invite tamariki with no te reo Māori to attend the kura. These tamariki are essentially second language learners of te reo Māori, Languagenut has played a pivotal role in developing the oral language of these tamariki.
I have also noted an improvement in the acquisition of new words amongst the tamariki who already speak Māori.

Languagenut provides a fun and engaging way of learning language and is very popular with the tamariki. It also provides teachers with the ability to monitor their students progress, assign specific activities and celebrate their childrens learning with certificates.

I would highly recommend it as a means to learn te reo Māori.

Denise Te Wake

Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Ara Rima, New Zealand

I teach a year 6 class at St Brigid’s School in Dunedin. The class are very lucky to be learning French and Mandarin as part of their regular program. We use Languagenut regularly to reinforce what the children have been learning in class. They complete set tasks and assessments as well as choosing topics of their own interest to pursue. The class all love Languagenut and enjoy their sessions on it.
Deborah Whitty

St Brigid's School, New Zealand

I’ve been a primary school classroom teacher for over 20 years. I started to teach Chinese language in our school over two years ago. I teach Year 1 to Year 8 students. I find Languagenut is one of the best online teaching and learning tools with sufficient resources.

As a language teacher for the whole school with over 500 students, I find Languagenut is easy to use for managing all classes, all students’ progress and generating the students’ reports.

Students are motivated by the points they get on Languagenut while practising what they have learned in class. Some of the children in our school can only have Chinese for one term a year. I assign homework regularly for these group of children through Languagenut so they can carry on practising what they have learnt. I think this is a great way to maintain what the students have learnt since language is very easy to lose if you don’t keep practising.

Lily Bradshaw

The Gardens School, New Zealand