As an experienced World Languages or ESOL teacher or somebody new to language teaching, Languagenut Elementary is intended to engage your students and help you to teach languages more confidently.

Our elementary school language resources are customizable and can be used for the first four years of language learning. They give you everything you and your students need to progress and see results, including:

  • 22 modern foreign languages, including French, Spanish, German & Mandarin
  • 1440 words and phrases
  • 144 sections of 10 words and phrases
  • 24 units of 6 sections each
  • 10 sentence-building sentences per unit
  • 14 speaking, listening, reading and writing games
  • Powerful search function: search by topic and activity
  • Teacher-created content allows an admin to make their own modules
  • 29 support languages

Give it a go with your class today!  


A Digital Language Learning Tool with Rigor

Working closely with qualified teachers and educational experts, we’ve produced a digital language tool with academic integrity.

  • Sentence building, repetition of vocabulary and recycling of target language in context
  • Grammar references to reinforce understanding and encourage deep learning
  • Multi-sensory methodology to foster accelerated learning

Save Time

Teachers work long hours and we know that time is of the essence, so Languagenut has been engineered to put the resources you need right at your fingertips. You’ll spend more time teaching and less time planning.

  • Quickly and easily search by and move between topics and activities
  • Automated correction of student work
  • Instant access to fun language resources
  • Language printables and lesson plans
  • Customise content to suit you and your students

Visible Results and Rewards

Academic progress and student motivation are extremely important. With Languagenut it’s easier than ever to see your students’ progress and to reward their hard work.

  • Generate reports for your school, class or individual students
  • Students are rewarded with points and medals
  • See performance on a global or local scale with Languagenut World Ranking
  • Print and hand out auto-generated certificates
  • Clear learning objectives and outcomes for students

Individualized Learning

It can be a real challenge to tailor your feedback and resources to individual students, so we’ve built Languagenut’s intuitive teacher admin area to tackle the problem.

  • Allocate individual tasks to individual students
  • See your students’ performance from last lesson and respond accordingly
  • Easily customize games to tailor them to your students’ needs

Integrated Technology and Language Learning on The Go

Languagenut integrates seamlessly with contemportary classroom technology and gives access to interactive tablet apps for non-stop language learning and practice.

  • Activities and games designed to work with interactive whiteboards
  • Access apps both on and offline
  • Set up class competitions and see progress in real time with Languagenut Live
  • Actitives for groups, pairs, individual or whole classes