We understand that newcomers might not always have the educational backgrounds they need to access language learning. That’s why we’ve created Languagenut Newcomers to support low-literacy learners with not just text, but also audio language support.

We also know that learners of English as a foreign language (EFL)/English as an additional language (EAL) may struggle to find opportunities to practice and reinforce their language skills and that independent study is essential to success. That’s why we offer tablet apps, which can be used in classrooms and at home, on- or offline.

English Language Learning for Everybody

Languagenut Newcomers lets everybody access English language learning and addresses issues raised by low or non-existant literacy levels. It’s all you and your students need to improve learning and boost confidence.

  • 34 support languages, including Arabic, Spanish, Korean and Somali
  • Clear visual cues and activities for different grouping styles
  • Rewards to build confidence
  • Access via browser or tablet app

More Time to Teach

Oftentimes English language teachers need a lot of time to find the resources they need and even more time correcting their students’s work. Languagenut Newcomers was designed to solve this problem, giving you more time to spend with your students.

The content in many digital language learning tools can be very linear, but Languagenut Newcomers is different.

  • Intuitive search function to quickly find the resources you need
  • Automated correction of student work and individual feedback

Blended Learning

Changing it up is a great way to keep your students engaged, so Languagenut Newcomers blends traditional language learning materials with digital resources.

  • Digital and printable resources covering a wide range of topics
  • Customize content to align it with your other printed resources
  • Encourage independent study by assigning individualized activities

Language Learning with Results You Can See

Seeing results motivates students and helps focus everybody on the next steps needed to take their learning to the next level. Teachers need to see performance data to respond to students’ learning needs. With a clear rewards system, as well as a teacher admin area when you can visualize student progress, everybody knows where they are with Languagenut Newcomers.

  • Students are rewarded with points and medals
  • Easily recognise achievement with personalised printable certificates
  • Analyze individual, class or school performance and identify learning needs