Online Learning Materials for Cambridge IGCSE®

We’ve aligned our target language with the book content in Hodder Education’s Cambridge IGCSE French, Spanish, German and Mandarin books to offer engaging, digital learning materials for IGCSE language classes. Save time looking for language resources or adapting existing materials – rapidly find exactly what you and your students need with Languagenut. Be it the first or second year of the course, our engaging games inspire and reward students, supporting teachers prepare them for the IGCSE exam.

A Digital Language Tool that Makes Sense

Easy-to-use Technology

As technology develops, the focus on technology in language education has intensified. With mounting pressure on teachers to use technology in the classroom, Languagenut provides an easy-to-use digital language tool to inspire students and support teachers. Complete alignment with Hodder Education’s Cambridge IGCSE books and a comprehensive range of functionality and activities mean it can be used in almost all teaching contacts, from presentation, to homework and assessment.

Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking

Cover All the Bases

Our comprehensive range of games and activities help support students and teachers in improving core language skills. With the ability to practise in both the classroom and at home, less confident students can build confidence in all skill areas, including speaking – powered by powerful voice recognition software.

Sentence Structure

Enjoyable Sentence Building Games

The ability to accurately construct sentences is core to language proficiency and success and IGCSE students need a lot of practice – but it doesn’t have to be boring! Languagenut offers more than 200 sentences in two exciting games to make practising sentence building enjoyable. All of these sentences are perfectly aligned with Hodder Education’s IGCSE books.

Verb Practice

Reduce The Pains of Verb Conjugation

Many language students find verb conjugation difficult and boring. We’ve chosen more than 20 key verbs in different tenses and integrated them with interactive games to ease the pain of practising verb conjugation. Our verb trainer rewards your students’ hard work with points, helping you keep them engaged.

Less Administration; More Time

Assign Homework, Monitor Progress, Respond to Needs

Identify learning needs and star performers at a glance. Our comprehensive teacher admin area saves teachers time and empowers them to monitor and evidence student performance. You can even download and print reports – ideal for inspections, professional development and parents’ evenings.

All our games and activities are automatically marked, giving you more time to respond to individual learning needs – you can even assign different tasks to individual students, facilitating differentiation.

1 Year School Subscription

Great value
$400/Book (per Year)
  • Digital accompaniment to Hodder Education’s IGCSE book range
  • School licence for one language for one year
  • Complete access to resources & admin area
  • Unlimited teacher & student logins
  • Setup and ongoing customer support
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3 Year School Subscription

Save 25%!
$900/Book (per Year)
  • Digital accompaniment to Hodder Education’s IGCSE book range
  • School licence for one book for three years
  • Complete access to resources & admin area
  • Unlimited teacher & student logins
  • Setup and ongoing customer support
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