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Festive Language Resources for Your Class

Get your hands on our festive teaching resources for your language class today. With everything from multilingual Christmas cards to French Christmas songs, we’ve got you sorted in the countdown to Christmas.

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Languagenut at the Education World Forum 2016

On the 17-18 of January Languagenut attended the Education World Forum 2016. EWF is the world’s largest gathering of education ministers, education experts and pioneers. Every year they gather to discuss the current situation in education and debate future policy.

Languagenut at Education World Forum 2016

Languagenut at the Education World Forum 2016

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New Language Teaching Activities for 2016

We have listened to our teachers and have come up with 24 language teaching activity sheets. These activity sheets are ideas on how teachers can use Languagenut in the classroom and how to integrate Languagenut into their teaching syllabus.
new language teaching activities

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Winners of the Draw a Monster Competition

Languagenut’s Draw a Monster competition, launched in November 2015, turned out to be a huge success. We received over 500 drawings from all over the world. See all the winning drawings.
Languagenut draw a monster competition

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Draw a Monster Competition

Draw a Monster Competition for Languagenut Schools. To enter: register your schools, ask the students to draw a monster and…
Draw your monster competition

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Language Teaching Ideas – Sentence Building Activities

Running out of language teaching ideas for your classroom? We are here to help!
These 3 simple exercises are very effective in improving sentence building skills in any language, and can be perfect time fillers when you only 5 mins left until the end of the lesson!
Sentence Building Games

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How to move students on Languagenut

Back to school and wondering how to move your Languagenut students from last year? This short video will show you a quick and simple way how to create new classes, allowing you to keep your students’ records from previous years. The login details for your language students will remain the same and you will be able to see their scores from last year too. We are always here to help and make language teaching easy, so please do not hesitate to contact our team with any questions at Watch the video... read more

Language Teaching Specialists about Languagenut

Wondering what language teaching specialists have to say about Languagenut? “Languagenut, a Language Subscription Site with a Difference”, says Isabelle Jones, Head of Modern Languages in the North West of England. According to her, “Languagenut as it does offer a lot more than your usual language subscription site”. “The range of languages offered is truly global but also supports heritage languages including Gaelic and Te Reo Maori. This is complemented by a unique range of EAL resources which supports the children in the UK who do not speak English as their first language.” We are very pleased to hear such positive feedback from Isabelle, so please read her full review... read more

Learn Afrikaans language with us

Brilliant news! Afrikaans language has just been introduced to the Languagenut family! There are around 7 million people who speak Afrikaans as a native language, and double the number speak it as a second language. Did you know, that Afrikaans is actually a Germanic language descended from Dutch? Even though it is mainly spoken in South Africa, there are many Afrikaans speakers in the Netherlands, Namibia, Australia, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, and many other countries. Languagenut is very pleased to be able to offerthe opportunity to learn this unique language to its users. Interactive games, fun exercises and a lot of other useful resources are ready for your use, so why not try it now?... read more

5 Ways to Motivate Your Students in the Primary Languages Classroom

Whatever we want to achieve in life, motivation is key. Feeling motivated makes stuff easier and is clearly a fundamental ingredient in being well and happy. Our job as language teacher is to motivate our class. We need to convey grammar points, expand vocabulary and support the learning of various skills, but without a motivated bunch of learners we will struggle to make the kind of impact we want to. Sweden Leads the Way This is neatly underlined by Dr. Neil Jones’ research. Dr. Jones presented his work to a group of us at a Westminster Forum a few weeks ago, where he detailed different levels of ‘first target language’ attainment between learners in various European countries. Of the 16 different groups presented, the Swedes lead the way, with the Maltese and Dutch bringing up second and third. The English bring up the rear with around 2% achieving B2 level compared to almost 60% of the Swedish learners. 13 of the 16 groups cited were learning English. Why So Successful? What makes the Swedes so successful? Motivation. It is patently obvious in many places that speaking English is an enormous asset. This often permeates an entire society. I remember visiting a Dutch friend and being surprised that she would just as readily watch the BBC as she would Dutch tv. Kids growing up are surrounded by English television, music and movies. It is a given that parents expect their children to learn English. So the environmental factors are there in Sweden, the Netherlands and elsewhere for English language acquisition to flourish. What about here in the UK? UK Challenges... read more

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