Language teaching resources for K-12

Languagenut is the perfect language teaching software for USA schools. It’s adapted to local curriculum and supports teachers in creating fun and engaging lessons. Our time-saving tools allow schools track and report on school, class and individual student progress over four years of study.

Most of all, it boosts student engagement and makes them progress quicker. Available on tablets and desktop computers!


ESL Solution

We developed a unique ESL  resource which supports students in USA who do not speak English as their first language. Languagenut offers 77 ESL support languages, including Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Italian and many more.


Why Languagenut?

  • Automatic reports – track class and student progress
  • Interactive and customizable exercises and tests
  • Songs and eBooks to consolidate the vocabulary
  • 156 different topics
  • 20 world languages and 77 ESL support languages for non-native English speakers
  • Available on smartboards, tablets and desktop computers
  • Free training and tech support
  • Available on tablets, smartboards and desktop computers!