Language Solution for Homeschooling

Use our resources to teach a new language. Your children can learn Spanish, French, German, Mandarin or 16 other languages using Languagenut. Our language solution is designed for specialist and non-specialist teachers alike and follows the common core.

Through games, songs and stories, on computers or tablets, young learners develop the foundations on a new language covering the 4 key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. It’s simple, fun and engaging.

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22 World Languages

Get a sneak peak at the full list of languages available. You can try our resources for 30 days using the links below.

Home School
$50 per year
World Languages or ESL
2 User Licences
Web Access + 2 App Downloads
On & Offline access to all resources
1 Interface (ESL) Language OR
1 World Language of Your Choice
1400 words/phrases, 156 topics and 24 eBooks
Learn French

Learn French

Languagenut’s French MFL teaching resources include over 1000 online French games, quizzes, stories and songs.


Learn English Language

Learn English

English isn’t your first language? We’ve got it covered with our English as a Second Language resources! They include an interface accessible from 70+ support languages.

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish

A popular choice in the US! Spanish is our most downloaded app. Why not trying it out yourself?


Learn German

Learn German

Another popular choice! Our resources makes children work on the four key language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Other languages available————

Japanese Kanji
Japanese Romaji
Mandarin Pinyin
Mandarin Hanzi
Haitian Creole
Spanish (European)

Bahasa Malaysia
British English