Many Newcomers are unable to read or write in their own language, so struggle to learn English and need extra help. It can be incredibly difficult for English teachers to address these learning needs, so we’ve designed Languagenut Newcomers to make life easier. It includes language support that features not only text, but audio recordings in 34 different languages, allowing students with poor literacy skills to access language learning.

A big part of language learning is confidence, but how do you build confidence in students of English as a Second Language? Well, it’s all about getting students talking. Sadly, the nature of being a newcomer can make it hard to find opportunities to practise their speaking. Languagenut Newcomers addresses this problem with automated speaking activities with clear feedback – students can work alone with the system and feel freer to make mistakes and learn from them.

English for Every New Arrival

Languagenut Newcomers is packed with useful features to make language learning available to all.

  • 34 support languages, including Arabic, Latin American Spanish, Korean, Somali and more
  • Learning progress is made visible to learners and teachers via Languagenut World Ranking and reports
  • Balanced rewards system to maintain student interest and focus
  • Accessible via browser or tablet app

Find the Time

It can be extremely hard to find the time for everything on your to do list if you are an English teacher, particularly when it takes so long to find useful language resources. Languagenut Newcomers saves teachers time and offers flexible, comprehensive language learning resources.

  • Teaching the time? Just use our handy search feature to pull up the resources relevant to the topic you’re teaching.
  • Spend less time marking your students work with auto-correction for all games and activities, as well as clear feedback for students.

Blended Learning

Variation is a very useful device in the classroom, as students can tire of the same things over and over. Languagenut Newcomers includes a broad range of both digital and printable activities, so you can blend analogue and digital learning and keep your students interested.

  • Digital language resources and language printables
  • Content authoring wizard to make your own materials
  • Give individual tasks to individual students

Something to Aim For

Knowing how you and your students are performing is key to motivation, not just for your students, but for you. That’s why we give you access to comprehensive reports and make it easier for you to reward students for their hard work.

  • Completing games and activities sees students given points and they can earn medals for completing exams
  • Printable certificates for you to reward your students
  • Quickly establish what your students need help with via thorough reporting system