Languagenut’s June Competition!

Get ready for our next competition!

Starting 8th of June, and runs until the 25th of June.

Your existing students have been automatically enrolled, and we can help set up any new students that need access as well.

Students can earn points independently by completing different activities, and you can set additional tasks as homework to offer a little encouragement.

Most importantly, the top 30 students on our UK leaderboard will win up to $50 in Amazon gift cards!

Want to know more?

Hints and Tips!

  • Students will earn double points on Saturday the 15th and Saturday the 22nd of June
  • Get double points for completing Quiz activities compared to Practice ones
  • Set assignments that can be repeatable to help focus your students!
  • Play the Verb Matcher game
  • Vocab lists with more words result in higher points

Have any questions?