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Languagenut Middle-High School has been designed to support teachers and students learning Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, and Arabic focusing on grades 7 through 12.

Our extensive language resources are ideal for developing exam skills, offering you and your students all you need to make and see progress, including:

  • Challenging language content
  • 8,000 comprehensive exam-style questions in all four key skills
  • Extensive vocabulary bank of more than 2,500 words in SpanishFrench, German, Mandarin, Arabic and Italian
  • 14 interactive language activities
  • 20 regular and irregular verb conjugation exercises across tenses
  • Over 50 unlockable achievements
  • Ability to create your own content
  • Rewards to build confidence

Whether you’re an experienced World Languages teacher or new to the classroom, Languagenut Elementary is designed to engage your students and help you to teach languages more confidently.

Our Elementary school language resources are customizable and can be used for first foud years of language learning. They give you everything you and your studetns need to progress and see reults, including:

  • 25 world languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese
  • 1,440 words and phrases per language
  • 24 units of six sections each
  • 10 sentence-building sentences per unit
  • 14 speaking, listening, reading and writing games
  • Verb conjugation activities
  • Printable activities to use in the classroom
  • Teachers can create content and customize their own modules
  • Lesson plans for each semester.
  • Rewards to build confidence

A fully-resourced digital course for Elementary languages

We’re delighted to announce that our Elementary Guided Course is live!

With more elementary schools across the USA striving to offer foreign language instruction to their students, it is important that schools are given a structured course that they can use to deliver the best possible language-learning experience. This is one of the reasons why Languagenut has embarked on this project. With this resource, we aim to provide teachers with the support they need to deliver fun, engaging language lessons.  

Read on for more information or enquire to find out how we can support your school.

I am just SO IMPRESSED with Languagenut. It is IN-CRED-I-BLE. I just simply love it. You have great ideas, whether for reading, speaking, listening or writing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. And, more importantly, so do my students. It is simply — Brillant. Wonderful. Amazing. Incredible. I have been teaching for 42 years, and Languagenut is simply the best resource I have found. I regularly use about 15 different programs to work on skill development, but if I had to keep just one, it would be Languagenut.

Languagenut fills a huge void in addressing the need for students to practice each of the four skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – and at more than one challenge level.  The games are fun – I got caught up testing them and played for four hours.  It allows for students to practice speaking while having fun thanks to games such as Skyrise and Speech Practice.  The listening exercises feature a variety of voices, of different sexes, and the little snail button that allows students to slow the recording down makes them VERY happy. Word Pop and Tic-Tac-Toe are their current favorites.

My students are still “catching up” from having been online during part of the covid confinement. Languagenut allows me to assign certain exercises or resources to part of the class who need to catch up while at the same time assigning more challenging work to students who excel.  For example, yesterday, I assigned Jigsaw and Verb Matcher to student trying to remember what to do with an “er” verb like “jouer” while others went on to practice speaking, writing and reading.

The site is organized logically and intuitively, with a top tool bar and the buttons Exam Skills, Vocab Trainer, Grammar & Verbs and Sentence Building on the left side of the page. Not only is there a huge amount of readily available content on a wide variety of topics, but teachers can add their own customized content quite easily. I am still exploring, but to-date have found excellent lesson plans (!), story books and songs. The songs are especially cool because you can use them Karaoke-style!

I am looking forward to seeing how Languagenut continues to evolve. Thank you so much, Languagenut. You make every teacher’s life better.

Dr. Nancy Erickson

World Language Team Leader, University School of NSU