Language teaching requires a lot of planning and this takes a long time. Teachers need a language learning platform that will save them time and that they can rely on. Enter Languagenut.

Our primary resources are intended for the first four years of language study and give you and your class a wide range of functionality to help drive learning progress:

  • 23 world languages, including Spanish, Arabic, French, German and more
  • Learn English as a Second/Foreign Language
  • Perfect for international schools
  • 240 sentence building exercises
  • 1440 words and phrases
  • 44 topics
  • 14 games, covering all language skills, including speaking
  • Powerful search function: search by topic and activity
  • Teacher-created content allows an admin to make their own modules
  • 34 support languages, including Arabic, French, Spanish, Kurdish, English and more

Give it a go with your class today!


Rigourous Digital Language Learning Platform

We’ve worked with language acquisition experts to build an academically rigourous digital language learning platform.

  • Sentence building and repetition of language
  • Inclusion of grammar in context suitable for elementary language learning
  • Activities and games with clear audible and visual cues
Make More Time

Language teachers spend a lot of their time sourcing materials for their classes. Increasingly, administration takes up a lot of the average teacher’s day which makes it hard to fit everything in. Languagenut Primary makes more time for teaching.

  • Quickly find exactly the resources needed with our search bar
  • Automatic correction of student work and helpful feedback for students
  • Wide range of varied and engaging resources on demand
  • Digital and printable resources
  • Go beyond what’s in the box  with our content authoring tool

It’s all About Results

Teachers and students are under constant pressure to perform and need to be able to see the progress they’re making. Students rely on recognition of this performance and teachers need to know when and how to reward them. Languagenut Primary makes this easy.

  • Quickly print personalized reward certificates for students
  • Balanced and clear rewards system for student achievements (points and medals)
  • Languagenut World Ranking shows performance on a global scale, driving competition and motivation
  • Wide range of games and activities that students will love
Identifying Learning Needs

Individualized teaching is difficult to achieve with larger classes, but with Languagenut Primary, it’s easy. Teachers can see exactly what individuals are struggling with and respond accordingly.

  • Respond to needs lesson-by-lesson by looking at last lesson’s performance
  • Give different tasks to individuals
  • Insert your own vocabulary into the system with the content creation tool
Seamless Integration

The language learning classroom is an ever-changing environment, so we’ve designed Languagenut to integrate seamlessly.

  • Languagenut Live for real-time data on task completion and attainment – ideal for class competions
  • Accessible with PC and tablet browsers and accessible via tablet app that even works offline
  • Activities for whole classes, groups, pairs and individuals